Holiday Wedding Cake – Featured in CakeCentral Magazine (Dec 2013)

Holiday Wedding Cake by Angela Tran (Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats)

Holiday Wedding Cake by Angela Tran (Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats)

My 2nd feature in Cake Central Magazine and it’s such an honor to be amongst such talented and amazing, cake artist’s from all over the world.  My cake can be found on page 70.

Cake Central Magazine contacted me a couple of months ago with the Inspiration Picture below and the theme, “Holiday Wedding, Birds and Bow”.

Theme given by Cake Central Magazine was, "Holiday Wedding, Birds & Bows"

Inspiration Picture given by Cake Central Magazine. Theme was, “Holiday Wedding, Birds & Bows”

Holiday Wedding Cake Sketch-AngelFood4

My Holiday Wedding Cake Sketch

Holiday Wedding Cake by Angela Tran (Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats)

Holiday Wedding Cake by Angela Tran (Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats)

The most challenging piece on this cake was the gumpaste birdcage.  It’s free-standing around the top 2 round cake tiers and has 4 gumpaste ropes that drape from the top-tier down to each corner.  I was in tears over this birdcage and for some crazy and insane reason, I really wanted it to work and be entirely built out of gumpaste and not with a wire:  Talk about being fragile and delicate.  I built each of the 4 sides separately and let them dry for a couple of days before assembling and gluing them to the top, square tier with lots and lots of sugar glue (tylose powder mixed with water).  I did built 1 extra wall for the “just in case one broke” and ended up using it – one side of the wall fell off the cake and shattered into pieces as I was playing a balancing game of holding up three sides at once to get them glued down to the cake – thank goodness I had an extra wall.

Since the inspiration picture was mostly in gray and black, I decided to build color scheme right on the cake going from white on the top tier down to 2 shades of gray for the middle and finally, a black tier for the bottom (a very subtle ombre effect).  The black tree branches were sculpted out of fondant and the lighter gray branches were painted on the cake.

The birds were hand sculpted out of fondant.  The mini birds on the trees measure to about 3/8-inches (tiny!) and the larger birds on the top are about 2-inches high.  The trees and deer were hand cut out of black fondant and I added the scroll design on the bottom tier to match the scroll design on the bird-cage.

I also like to play around with dimension on cakes and made the tiny bird-cages along the bottom of the tier 3-dimensional (they’re each 1-inch high and stick out of the cake about 1/3-inch).  Each string of gumpaste was made using a clay extruder then attached to the side of the cake – I felt like I was doing microscopic surgery using toothpicks and thin brushes to help push and shape everything in place while holding my breath in fear of shattering them to bits.

Thank you again, to Bryan Ramsey ( for taking these amazing photographs.

If you want to see all the other amazing cakes that made it into the spread, you can buy a digital copy of the magazine online through

And alas, after sitting patiently and waiting for 2 months for the magazine’s release, I can finally share.  Below are some pictures of the details on the cake.





Mini Gumpaste Birdcages (1-inch high)

Bottom 2 tiers - Winter Wedding "Birds & Bows" Cake by Angela Tran

Winter Wedding Cake by Angela Tran (Sugar Sweet Cakes and Treats)

featured in Cake Central Magazine Dec 2013 issue


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