Black Marshmallow Fondant vs. FondArt

I was at a cake supply store buying some things I needed to make my daughters Lil’panda cake and spotted a 2 lb pouch of Albert Uster’s FondArt Black Fondant and thought I would give it a try.  I’ve been making my own fondant for a couple of years and it doesn’t hurt to try something new and different for a change.

To my surprise, the FondArt Fondant was more of a very dark, green.  It looked black from a distance and under different lighting but up close and right next to my homemade black marshmallow fondant, it looked green.

FondArt Black Fondant (left) vs. Homemade Black Marshmallow Fondant (right)

I’m sticking to my homemade black marshmallow fondant – not only does it look black but it tastes like a chocolate Tootsie roll too.  Yummy!

I did mix them together to cover the cake with.  Workability was great, texture was great, color and taste were better once mixed with MMF.  Used alone, I don’t know, haven’t tried it that way yet.

Tip:  When making black royal icing or buttercream, it always look a bit on the green side or a deep gray at first.  Add a tiny drop of burgundy coloring to it and let it sit overnight and it’ll darken and deepen as it rests.  For MMF, chocolate chips are already a little brown so there’s no need to add the burgundy to it.

If you want to know how I make dark-colored marshmallow fondant (MMF), use my recipe HERE (for tips, visit my Marshmallow Fondant MMF Recipe page).  It’s super easy.  You can make any color you like; red, green, blue, and even white if you want.  For black, don’t fret if you can’t find black candy melts.  I prefer using regular, semi-sweet chocolate chips to make black MMF.  Using candy melts or chocolate to color your MMF with works like a charm.  Give it try.


  1. shey says:

    Hi Angela, I would love to try your MMF recipe, just one question, do the color fades ones i put it on the cake. Sorry for being ignorant, i do make my own MMF and i notice that once i put gel color on it, the color on the MMF fades after a day. Will this be the same case with your colored MMF. Many thanks!

    • Angela says:

      Hi Shey – certain colors fade while others darken. I noticed that pink, blue, green and purple will fade especially if exposed to light (lamp or sun) so I make these a shade or 2 darker than needed and try to keep the cake or fondant pieces covered in a box and away from lights for extended periods. Black, brown, and red will darken as it dries.

  2. T Hunsucker says:

    I’ve used your MMF recipe three times now and every time I have made it, I get great results. Just thought you’d like to know. You are a great inspiration, love looking at your creations. Tammy Hunsucker

  3. Anonymous says:

    hello Angela
    first of all,thank you very much for sharing your experience and recipes with us,i love everything you do,and you are a big help for novice like me!!
    i ve tried your MMF with red candy melt and it worked like a dream!!i was sooo happy with the result.
    i have some troubles though with black MMF,i don t know what i did wrong,but it didn t take all of th powder sugar i m used to add,and as a result,it was very hard to knead and sort of dry(hard to describe!i tried to add glycerin in a small batch,and then water…but it doesnt work;
    it s not as good as red MMF.
    could you please help me find the problem?
    do you think perhaps the amount of chocolate was to much?or perhaps i ve waited too long when mixing melted marshmallows with melted choc?
    i need to find a solution,because i can t cover a whole cake with it,it tears ;
    thanks a lot for helping,and congratulations for all of your art ;
    all the bests from my small island
    vahiné island

    • Angela Tran says:

      Sounds more like too much PS (or overheating the chocolate too could cause it to crumble). Heat from kneading it does make the MMF really soft so you should only add your usual amount of PS then stop, let it sit overnight and then test it out the following day to see if you need to add more PS into it. The warmer the mixture, the more PS it will seem to need and once cooled, you end up with a crumbly mess. To save it, make another batch of MMF but only had 1/4 of the PS then add that to your crumble batch and knead it all together and that should be able save it. You can also test it out with a tennis ball amount of MMF and see where it goes incase you don’t want to waste an entire batch. Hope that helps.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh,thank you very much for your quick answer!!
      i would give it a try,it seems it s gonna work this way!!
      once again,thank you for all your tips and advices,they re very helpful!!
      happy decorating
      vahiné island

  4. jiya11 says:

    Here is what I learnt from Indydebi of CC. Hope that helps.

    ” Here’s the “math” of coloring…..

    black (or grey) results when “pure” primary colors of red, yellow and blue are mixed together. most colors we use are not “pure”, which is why we may end up with a color that is dominantly another shade.

    if you’re getting purple, then you have too much red and blue ( = purple) so you need to add yellow.

    If you’re getting green, then you have too much blue and yellow (= green) and need to add some red.

    and so on, and so on.

    The suggestion above of “if your black looks purple, add green” means you have lots of blue and red, and when adding green, you will actually be adding yellow and (more) blue. So before you add a mixture of colors (like green or orange), do a good evaulation to see if you need to add TWO colors (blue + yellow = green or red + yellow = orange), or if you just need to add one primary color.

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